Just like any other Sundays, Amy & I usually don’t have any clue about where to go for lunch.  After flipping through my Yelp’s bookmarks, I’ve decided to take Amy to try Kagura, a Japanese cutlet (a.k.a TONKATSU) cuisine located in Torrance.  I have put Kagura on my to-try list for a while already, but never found a chance to give it a try.

Kagura opens at 1130.  Perfect for early lunch.



Main dining area and sake bar.



The other side of the restaurant is the more “private” dining area.



Amy ordered the Premium Filet Katsu Gozen but she doesn’t like any tonkatsu sauce as usual.



All you can eat cabbage salad and the ‘forgot-to-take-a pic” Chawanmushi.  Yea, we were hungry!



It comes with Japanese pickled vegetable and 4 small plates.


The cutlet was a little too lean to be consider a good piece of black pork.  It is no where close to the one we had in Osaka. =P

I ordered the Katsu Jyu Gozen.  Yummy…



We also ordered the Gindara Saikyoyaki Gozen, Amy & I both agreed this is the best dish.  The black cod was so juicy and tender, perfectly prepared by the chef.



After lunch, we wanted to try Kagura’s black sesame ice-cream; though they ran out of it.  Oh well, I guess we will come back and try it next time.

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