Seventh Doctor Appointment 10/1/11

Today was supposed to be the notorious glucose test, but the nurses failed to do their part.  So next week we’ll have to go back and once again drink another 50 grams of glucose water.  If I could see another ultrasound of baby Aiden next week I wouldn’t mind.  hehe… But the doctor appointments are becoming more frequent.  Baby Aiden is getting bigger and bigger all the time!

It’s supposed to be the end of 25 weeks, but the baby’s measurement is about 26 weeks and 4 days.  Doctor said, baby is not small and not short either.  He asked me if I drank milk….guess maybe the milk is making baby bigger??? He is 2 pounds and 1 ounce.  And as you can see the picture above Aiden’s fingers are very long!  Doctor Han compared our fingers and said that his fingers are long like mine.  He can play the piano when he’s older!  For a split second I thought of Jay Chou.


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