Time to try out a new restaurant!  Peruvian Tapas restaurant and dishes are on the small side.

With Benny and Janice.

And it’s baby friendly.

So Benny went for “Tea-Nage Dream” and Daddie had “Papa Don’t Peach”.

Which totally messed with both their taste buds.  One’s taste bud became extra sensitive and one couldn’t taste anything.

Potato with eggplant stew… it looks kind of odd but tastes alright.

Ceviche Mixto – a little on the sour side but can’t say no to raw seafood.

Artichoke – I think everyone was a little disappointed and expected more from this dish.

Haha, yes Aiden did make an appearance but he slept the whole time!

He stirred when it was warm, but slept peacefully when we gave him some breathing room…even though it was loud.

Grilled Octopus – one of everyone’s favorite.

Seafood Paella – another one we all liked.

This was another potato dish with quail.

Tripe Stew -the tripe was on the softer side but the sauce was very tasty!

Oxtail – a sour dish and not tender enough

Black Cod – delicious!

Creme Brulee with different fruits.  Interesting taste.

We preferred the Peruvian Cookie with dulce de leche and chocolate ganache.

Nice place to try.  Definitely recommend it if you want to try a new restaurant.

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