SuperBa + Churros Calientes

Apparently SuperBa made it in the LA Times Review recently.


The “From Our Hands” on the menu is all pasta items.


But I personally had a tough time looking at this saying.  I can’t stand that “than” wasn’t spelled correctly, and it made me feel like I had a loose screw in my head. :X


OMG – and is that why poor Miss Piggy was tortured and her head presented to us like a prize?


I’d have to say the best part of the menu were the cold cuts.


The porchetta and beef tongue were my favorite.  The liver mousse was just okay.


The cauliflower T-Bone was a bit of a surprise.  Along with the toppings and sauce, it had a pretty nice flavor to it.


The carbonara with poached egg we had mixed feelings about.  It is a bit on the chewy side, but the poached egg was yummy.  However, the waitress just grabbed a spoon on the table, never checking with us if it had been used already.


The wakama speghettini was ordered mainly because of me… because uni just sounded so good to me. But Benny and Galen scared me because they kept saying how it smelled like the ocean.  I had a squid and and an inch of the pasta. Luckily, they took it off our bill because we had about half the dish left.


This dungenous crab with corn pasta was on the sweet side.  It was a more normal dish but nothing special.  Of all the pasta, I much preferred this one.


Off to Churros Caliente (Hot Churros) for dessert.


The hot chocolate is about the size of Aiden’s 2 oz bottle.  Super sweet and creamy at first, but the more you drink the more you want.  And of course the churros. Benny said it’s almost like being in Spain except for the concrete floors.


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