Taihei is not a fancy smancy Japanese restaurant.  However, the quality of the sushi/sashimi is superb.

When I want to be fulfilled with quality and quantity, this is my place!  I absolutely love it here.



Giant Scallop

Something new at Taihei, we made it our starting dish.


Giant Scallop

The chef called this giant scallop.  After popping it in our mouths, we find the texture is more like pen shell (mollusks).  It is topped with Yuzu chilli, which can become super spicy, but the aroma and taste combination is delicious.



Next up, monkfish liver.  The chef must have been in a good mood, or liked us today, because all the portions seemed to have been super sized on this day.  Not only that the quality did not diminish.

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Salmon Sushi

Though it looks great in the picture, in person, it looked very plain.  However, still fresh and tasty.  The hubby gave his approval.


Yellowtail Belly

We love their yellowtail belly.  One dish was not enough, but there were too many other dishes to eat.. so we didn’t do an encore.

Halibut Fin

Again, this dish was plentiful and the chef had half of the dish plain, and half with the yuzu chilli.  Half way through eating it, he urged us to put the orange radish in our ponzu sauce.  Though I normally stay away from the radish, the mix of the ingredients in the sauce was delightful.



Sweet Shrimp

Mmm.. I wish I had stolen one of the hubby’s sweet shrimp.


Fried Shrimp Head

When we order the sweet shrimp, we will always get the the heads fried.  Although it seemed that the chef wanted us to get it with soup, we went with our usual.




Uni sashimi style, my usual again.  Although the chef put a lot in the uni sushi… about a third of what’s in this photo.



Spicy Scallop Hand Roll

The hubby got this mild… but I was a bit on the full side so didn’t take joy in eating the roll with him.




Salmon Belly – delicious to the hubby.. a little too marble for me at this time.  Normally I love it, must have been too full.



We got 2 orders of this, because it was so delicious (not a sweet style like in the states but a more Japanese flavor) and we forgot to take pictures the first time… hehehe



Green Tea Ice Cream

And to top it off with a complimentary dessert.

Tonight’s dinner was all that I wanted for my dinner.

But from the start I thought the chef was odd. I kept thinking and telling Galen that I think the Chef knows I’m pregnant. He keeps giving us a lot of food and at the end just wanted us to order more.  Not to mention he asked if Galen took me out for mother’s day.



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