The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille was recommended by a few friends, so since the restaurant we were planning to go to had a long wait, we came here instead!  But it was better than what I expected!



The Capital Grille is a fine dining chain restaurant from the East Coast.  But here…. their dress code is not too strict.

Galen got in wearing a T-shirt 🙂



Huge Menu – a table of 4 could barely fit on this table.  Mr. Chan kept dropping his menu!



Bread – Galen really enjoyed the bread on the right.  I, of course, stayed away from starches.


Lobster Bisque

The bisque was excellent!  They added lumps of lobster which made it an even better treat!  We don’t often give good reviews for lobster bisque at most restaurants because the first few spoonfuls will taste delicious and then it goes downhill from there.  But at Capital Grille it was delicious from start to finish.



Fanny Bay Oyster was larger than we expected, and usually small oysters taste better.  But the guys said the oysters were super fresh and sweet.



The Capital Grille Chopped Salad was nothing special, but the vinaigrette sauce does open up your appetite.



Porcini Rubbed Delmonico w/12 year Aged Balsamic Rib Eye



Snake River Farm Wagyu Filet



Fresh Creamed Spinach



Creamed Corn with Smoked Bacon



Broiled Fresh Lobster from Maine, 2lbs (although you can order up to 4 pounds)

What can I say about this dish? It was one of the best lobsters I’ve ever had, shipped live from Maine.  If only they had kept all the guts in there, then it would be absolutely perfect!  Thanks for the recommendation Benny!



Haha, 🙂 happy Me!  One of the best meals I’ve had in a while!





As big as Galen’s face



Ice Cream Trio – raspberry, strawberry and chocolate with cookies.  The chocolate was good, I’d have to say that it was my favorite one.  Yes, I did have a taste of each of the ice creams!

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