Week 32

Lucky little Aiden wasn’t done receiving gifts.  Aiden got these little warm booties, especially made by my co-worker.  Special Thanks to Z.

Another big thing that happened this week is Mommy finally started setting up appointments to see pediatricians.  One down, one more to go.  On Friday I went to a pediatrician recommended by Z and my boss.  I really liked him, he seemed as kind, patient, and calm as a Buddhist monk.  The only down side is his office is not open on the weekends.  But since I’ve only met him, of course I am leaning towards him being Aiden’s pediatrician.

Then it was Mommy’s turn to see her Doctor on Saturday.  The last few times we forgot to request the ultrasound pic of Little Aiden.  This time we remembered to ask ahead of time.  As I previously told Galen ah B looks more like him, Dr. Han agrees because of the shape of their face. Again nothing clear, but it’s nice to get a little souvenir anyway.

On the last day of the 32nd week, Aiden is 5 pounds and 1 ounce.  Dr. Han now estimates that he’ll be about 9 pounds.  Yikes!  Big baby!  Dr. Han actually thinks that I may not have to do c-section…I will just try not to think about that at this time.  So Mommy and baby together is now 126.3 pounds, a .7 pound jump.

Right now I am concentrating on eating right and having a better fasting blood sugar.  I have about a week to try to get it right naturally…. Mommy will add oil like never before!


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