Thanksgiving Week – Week 33

This week my stomache all of a sudden seemed to really bulge.  Over night, just like that!  But poor little Aiden probably still doesn’t have enough room to move around.  But perinatologist said I lost weight, so we’ve got to be careful of not being malnutritioned…mommy and baby.  After Dr. Han went back and forth with them, they finally had the perinatologist see me instead of the dietitian.  I was skipping the night time snack for about 3 days this past week and she said no more skipping snack after dinner.  She said my scores are alright, but the morning one is not consistent enough.  So she prescribed me a light dose of medication, which I got her approval to put aside if I can fix this problem.  If I can’t then I can go get the medicine.  I had a few different plans.  1.  don’t skip the night time snack.  Instead I will just check my blood sugar level at night, and if it’s over 100 then I can do a little exercising before bed time.  2. Another idea was just to wake up a little earlier.  So it looks like option 2 is the better choice.  Snack more in the day, and wake up at about 5:30 a.m.  That way I won’t be starving myself or Aiden.  So far for the past 5 days it’s been working.  My highest morning score is 93! Yay!!!  All still okay!

So for this long Thanksgiving weekend, we had dinner with my family, lobster on Black Friday, and on Saturday went to the event below:


I couldn’t eat too much of anything.


Luckily they had soup and salad.  They only have 2 items that we find to be top-notch here.


1. Uni Spaghetti –  I had a very small portion of the uni pasta!  Delicious!


2. Kurobata (Pork) with curry –  Galen selected super spicy – but it was really good!  Tender and juicy pork and very flavorful curry.  Curry House cannot compare! Yummmm!

I can’t wait to go again when my in-laws are in town, AND when I can’t eat more pasta and fried items!

But it wasn’t all fun and eating this weekend!  Every day we had to run errands and do different chores to prep for Aiden.

On Thursday we did winter cleaning.  Friday we did laundry for Aiden.  Saturday we went shopping, but again only for Aiden.  I was very disappointed because I wanted to go to the mall to go Christmas shopping and shopping for myself.  On Sunday, just more chores and errands, nothing special.  But it was a very productive weekend!  I can’t complain about that!  And most of all, there is just so much to be thankful for!  From work, to friends, to family, Galen, and little Aiden.   I must say though times can be rough, and things can suck a little, I am just so blessed and have just enough luck to get by!  Much thanks to give! 🙂




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