Men Oh Tokushima Ramen


A new Ramen Restaurant open, of course we’re there! We both ordered the Tokushima Ramen with extra meat.  The meat was delicious, the soup base was good.  We both enjoyed our ramen, although I wouldn’t mind getting this with rice, which they have on the menu.  I’m very happy about that, and if we were to go again I would get that because it has all that I want in the ramen but with rice! hehe

P1210568 (1)

The bamboo shoot was just mediocre but the chasu, pork belly and egg we definitely approve of.

They even gave us a small bowl of rice to try.  The pork belly is really flavorful so I thought it was a better match with the rice than ramen.

P1210571 (1)

Their gyoza is nothing special, but still good.  They came over many times to see if we are okay, did we like the food… and many words of thanks for coming.  Hopefully we will have a chance to come again.

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